Visitors Guide

Manuel J. Santos Hospital strongly recognizes the importance of the role of visitors – family and friends – in the fast progress of healing of patients. For that reason, the hospital is executing strict security measures to ensure that the visitors and hospital staffs are safe. We have established this visitor’s policy and we ask you to take time in reviewing these in order to promote a harmonious, healing and secured environment.

Visitation Policy:

  1. Visiting Hours (Ward): 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
  2. Visiting and viewing hours for special units may vary
  3. The number of visitors shall be limited depending on the patient’s room of choice.
    • Suite Room – five (5) visitors are permitted at a time to enter the patient’s room
    • Private Room – three (3) visitors are permitted at a time to enter the patient’s room
    • Ward Room – two (2) visitors are permitted at a time to enter the patient’s room

Visitors and Watchers:

  1. Visitors and watchers of the patient are not allowed to bring firearms and sharp objects inside the hospital premises.
  2. For children below seven (7) years of age must have to fill up the Minors Access and Entry to the Hospital Waiver.
  3. Visitors and watchers, must at all times, adhere to the hospital rules and regulations.
  4. 5S – cleanliness and orderliness in their area/room, avoid littering.
  5. No Smoking Policy – hospital, especially ward areas, is a smoke free environment
  6. Observance of silence inside hospital premises, particularly ward areas.
  7. No food on plastic bags are allowed.

Security Rounds:

  1. Security guard on morning duty do their rounds after their time in at 6:00 am.
  2. Every 9:00 PM, security personnel do their room to room rounds and inform patients/watchers to lock their door at all times and keep their personal belongings safe.
  3. During night time (after 9:00 PM) security will take turns in performing routine rounds every 30 minutes.

Parking Area:

  1. Parking area of the hospital is intended for customer and hospital personnel vehicles only. All park vehicles must face the north wall.
  2. The first row of the parking lot is reserved for parking of the vehicles of the hospital director and the administrative director. Only two (2) vehicles are allowed to park in the succeeding rows.
  3. Only one vehicle/ambulance is allowed to park near the emergency area parking lot, except for emergency cases.