Rooms and Services

Manuel J. Santos Hospital is a 100 bed capacity facility. In the 2nd floor, across the OR and Delivery Room is the Maternal Ward or OB-Gyne Ward and private rooms for the Maternity. The private rooms are located on the right wing of the second floor with the suite rooms keeping in between the receiving area watchers. Surgical rooms for both female and male wards are located at the back of the Floor 2 Station on the right wing holding in the middle the patient elevator for easier access to the patient floors.

Going to the third floor, patients can either take the patient elevator located on the west wing of the hospital or may take the stairs with both passageways entering upon the suite rooms. Proceeding from the stairs, one can go through a central alley occupied by the semi-private rooms of male, female &pedia leading to the opposite wing of the hospital going across the Annex Station that houses the Ward area for pedia-male-female unit. Another rooms for private and an isolation room complete the occupants of the wing.  From the elevator of the west wing you’ll find the Main Station with the private rooms lined up to the Housekeeping unit of the east wing.