Renal Care Center

The Renal Care Center is a stand-alone unit located at the back of the hospital. The center is greatly equipped with new and updated Hemodialysis machines and dialyzers such as Frenesius 5008s machines, HDF and etc. The center offers and renders wide-ranging out-patient dialysis treatment and renal replacement therapy whilst the old Hemodialysis Unit located at the hospital is utilized for in-patients.It is committed to restoring the health of its patients by providing high quality, comprehensive and personalized health care.It also has a multi-disciplinary approach as it also involves the other health care team in the provision of quality renal care as well as include the family in the care planning.

inside the renal care center

The RCC personnel are dedicated and highly trained to render excellent care and treatment fostered by the latest trends and technologies that improve the quality and length of each patient’s life. Moreover, the RCC encourages a positive and supportive environment that is geared towards an open and honest communication between patients and staff.