Financial Agreements

All admitted clients shall be provided with accurate and thorough explanation of hospital admission procedures. Upon admission, admitting clerk will arrange with the client/watcher the terms of payment for their hospitalization (services rendered/ to be rendered)

Partial payment may be required depending on the situation. For emergency cases, a promissory note will be accomplished by the patient/watcher if no partial payment is made.

For patients, who are PHIC members, the admitting clerk, upon admission of the patient, must remind the latter/legal representative to process requirements for availment of phic benefits within 24 hours upon admission.

For patients, who are NON-PHIC members, the admitting clerk must encourage patients to avail the said health insurance and direct the patient to the Philhealth Care Section for further details and information.

For company/HMO patients, the admitting clerk must first instruct the patient/legal representative to proceed to the Health Insurance Unit (HIU) for validation of his/her health card.



OFFICIAL RECEIPTS are issued for cash payments upon presentation to the cashier. This is either for payment of hospital bill, OPD transactions, deposit upon admission and other transactions.


  1. As a general rule, ONLY COMPANY CHECKS are accepted for payment.
  2. PERSONAL CHECKS are not honored unless approved by the Director for Administrative Services or by the CEO/Hospital Director. If approved, an Official receipt is issued.
  3. MANAGER’S CHECKS are also honored for payment. An Official Receipt is issued upon presentation to cashier.
  4. POST DATED CHECKS (PDC’s). Payments made thru issuance of PDC’s must be approved by the Director for Administrative Services or the CEO/Hospital Director.


Credit cards are accepted for payment of Hospital bill and OPD transactions only. Credit cards are not accepted for payment of deposit upon admission and for payment of doctor’s Professional Fees. However, if the patient insists, he/she will be charged with a specified rate depending on the rate charged by the concerned bank.