business office

Business Office

The Business Office Unit is under the direct supervision of the Director for Administrative Services. This comprises the following areas:


Provides quality service to their clients ascertains that all PHIC policy holders have full access by providing them with the necessary information on the required documents needed to avail the health benefits.


Provides its management and other potential users an accurate financial reports and information.


Ascertains that patient’s statement of account is accurately computed and that health insurance/health benefit claims are appropriately billed against all hospital expenses.


Handles the financial transactions of the hospital which requires an exact and a definite count of payments reflected from all charges given to clients .


Facilitate and render services of individual’s health care insurances.

Social Worker

Entertain with hospitality patients acquiring health assistance from different sectors of the community.


Systematic documentation and management of confidential patient information.


Protect and preserve the security of the sensitive data and information as well as the hospital’s technology infrastructure.