Admission and Discharge:

  1. Upon admission, admitting clerk must require patients to present two (2) valid Identification Cards preferably government issued.
  2. Patients/legal representative are oblige to fill out the patient information index. In extreme cases, where the admitting personnel shall be the one to fill out the said the form, within twenty four hours (24hrs), the admitting personnel shall immediate verify the data provided with the patient’s nearest kin/legal representative.
  3. Information provided on the patient information index shall be fed into the computer. All patient personal data must be accurately entered into the system. Admitting clerk must check the accuracy of the data given by the patient (spelling of names, dates, contact nos., etc.).
  4. Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities, consent and contract of confinement shall be read and explained thoroughly to all admitting clients.
  5. In filling-out contract of confinement and consent, admitting clerk shall assist clients in entering data as to avoid misinterpretation of the content.

Discharge Process:

Discharge of patient is allowed only under the discharge order of the physician, thereafter:

  1. Doctor’s order for discharge inputted to the system including Professional Fee (PF), Returned Meds, Final Diagnosis, CF4 Entry and all others required upon sending clearance.
  2. The Staff Nurse will process the Patient’s chart before giving it to the Billing Department.
  3. The Staff Nurse will then give the processed patient’s chart to the Billing Department and sign in their logbook.
  4. The Staff Nurse will inform the patient’s significant others to settle their bill in the Billing Department.
  5. Once the patient’s bill has been settled or paid, the patient’s significant others will give the discharge slip (given by the Billing Department) to the Staff Nurse to be signed.
  6. You may stay in your room until the time indicated in the discharge slip. You will be charged with additional 1 day if you go beyond the time stated.
  7. The signed Discharge Slip will then be given to the Security Guard when the patient discharges out from the hospital.