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With self-generated oxygen, supply is assured. No more worries from
late  deliveries of  cylinder-stored oxygen.


Fully automated,handling and storage difficulties are effectively eliminated,
like problems with purchasing, inventory record-keeping, contract negotiations,
and other related worries.


BMC assures high oxygen purity and flexible output flow without changing
the compressed air system.


Generating one’s own oxygen entails a cost of a fraction of purchased oxygen,
this means fast equipment or investment payback, and great savings on the  long-term.


BMC technology needs only low operating pressures, safety and  security at
the workplace are increased.

Easy to Install

The BMC oxygen generator system is easy to install and the entire plant needs
only minimal space.. Depending on system size, installation can take from one  to five days.

Other Features

Fast Start-Up time.  It only takes about 30 minutes to get  desired oxygen purity
so the unit can be switched ON and OFF  as oxygen demand changes.

Low Maintenance Requirements, regular maintenance  being
limited mainly to normal feed air compressor and the coalescing filter elements.

Usiox BMC Oxygen Generator Pipeline System


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