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We value life, We live for service, We serve the community to wellness.

Core Values

  • Fear of God
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Compassion & Fairness to Patients
  • Openness to Innovation
  • Accountability for work
  • Concern for the Community and Environment
  • Love for and Pride in Work and Organization
  • Precision & Care
  • Optimism
  • Excellence in Work
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for Each Other


Inspired by its vision and the dreams of its founders, MJ Santos Hospital works to:

  1. Provide compassionate, quality and safe, cost effective, and accessible patient care to all regardless of race, creed, sex, social status or political beliefs;
  2. Offer programs that will continuously improve its health services delivery that will exceed patients’ expectations;
  3. Ensure patient care with qualified Medical, Nursing, Allied and Non-allied Discipline Professional committed to excellence in healthcare ;
  4. Foster collegial relationship among health workers to promote a sense of self-fulfillment and job satisfaction;
  5. Offer opportunities for growth and career enhancement to Hospital Staff (for professional and non-professional) and support  their aspirations / struggles to live a lifestyle befitting the dignity of human beings, and provide volunteers with opportunities for skills development during a limited training period;
  6. Adopt innovation and latest inventions in science and technology to ensure quality, safe  and reliable patient care;
  7. Work hand-in-hand with the Amparo L. Santos Outreach (A.L.S.O.) and other charity programs to provide subsidized services to financially depressed areas;
  8. Uphold the laws of the Roman Catholic Church on matters of morals and ethics in applying medical services to human lives; and
  9. Sustain a viable and progressive financial growth through stewardship of its resources.


“Be Caraga’s strong indispensable provider of timely, precise and caring health services.”

1919 - Cholera epidemic hit Agusan area. During this time, Dr. Manuel “Maning” J. Santos  was resident doctor of Butuan Hospital.

1933 - The Santos Clinic opened. It started with 12 beds, with the “baul” which Dr. Santos and wife Amparo(Lopez) brought when they first came to Butuan, as one of the furniture in the newly established clinic.  It also served as a sitting bench for clients and as side table for patients being examined. At the end of the year, the clinic added 6 more beds to serve the patients. This showed Dr. Santos' growing medical practice.

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